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Sclerotherapy is a injection procedure to treat spider veins. The procedure involves injection of a sterile solution (called a sclerosing solution) into the small veins using a very fine, thin needle. This solution irritates the vein lining causing it to undergo fibrosis and eventually disappear. Multiple veins can be injected at each session.
Spider veins look like a network pattern in a circular fashion. These light purple veins usually appear in a lace pattern and are completely harmless.
Sclerotherapy is performed in the Clinic. We ask patients to come to wear loose fitting clothing, and the spider veins are identified. With a very fine needle, these spider veins are injected with a chemical that will destroy the vein. There is minimal pain, and we do offer analgesics if required.
It varies from individual to individual but typically 2-6 treatments are required for the best results. 
There is a little sting associated with each injection, and a burning sensation lasts few seconds. Most individuals tolerate the procedure and do not require any type of anesthesia. 
No preparation is required before the procedure. It is recommended that one stop smoking and stop taking aspirin a few day before the procedure. Any patient on a blood thinner is not a candidate for sclerotherapy.
There is some mild pain which can easily be overcome with certain pain killers. The injected site may appear bruised and swollen for a few days. Continual wearing of the compression socks will relieve the swelling and pain. The bruising usually disappears in 2-3 weeks. One will have no problem with walking. After a day or two most patients can resume their normal activities.
Treatment sessions last for about 30 minutes. After the treatment, sterile dressings are placed over the injection site and a compression stocking is applied. 
Besides some stinging pain, sclerotherapy can rarely cause a few side effects. Allergic reactions are rare. A few individual may develop intense itching at the site of injection. If the chemical is injected outside the vein, profound discoloration and pain can occur.

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